Custom Built

Custom Built

Lynx Creek Archery builds bows one-at-a-time on a custom order basis using state-of-the-art designs and top quality materials to meet the shooting styles and preferences of traditional archers. Both the Leading Edge Longbow and Razor Bakk Recurve can be furnished with risers featuring a variety of exotic hardwoods and a number of different limb woods. Each piece of exotic hardwood is individual, with its own personality, ensuring that no two bows will ever be completely alike. Contrasting hardwoods can also be used to build composite risers.

Photo above features Lynx Creek Archery's Custom built bows

The Leading Edge Longbow uses a slim crescent-shaped riser section that allows the fibreglass to flow through both the back and front of the handle. Laminations of complimentary or contrasting hardwoods are added to build up the handle to the desired thickness, depending whether you want a slimmer or more full grip. Phenolic is also typically laminated within the handle to dampen vibration.

While this design provides a lot of scope to customize your longbow to meet individual requirements, many bowyers shy away from the added labour and extensive hand fitting required to form this type of handle. As well, the trim crescent-shaped riser of the Leading Edge Longbow makes maximum use of increasingly scarce exotic hardwoods such as cocabola, with minimal waste. And scrap materials can often be used to furnish required handle and limb tip laminations, further reducing wastage.

The longer riser section of the Leading Edge Longbow reduces limb length. The short slim limb design of this longbow utilizes only a minimum amount of fibreglass and relies on wood laminations for added poundage and strength. Inch for inch, fibreglass is much heavier than wood and can contribute to energy robbing limb mass. The handle forward design of the Leading Edge Longbow combined with these slim trim deeply reflexed limbs results in a bow that is both smooth and very fast. In fact, I believe that I have found a new true saddle point in longbow design. A new plateau where speed, smoothness, and silence meet in harmony.

Rattlesnake skin can also be laminated onto the limbs of your longbow, further customizing your Leading Edge Longbow.

The Razor Bakk Recurve with its radically deflected riser and recurved limbs presents a very compact package that facilitates its use in tree stands or ground blinds. The riser section provides ample material to allow the grip to be custom fashioned to meet your shooting style, whether you require a high, low or medium wrist. The progressive limb design ensures that it gains only about 2 pounds per inch through normal draw lengths ensuring a smooth transmission of power that results in consistent and predictable arrow flight. This is a key ingredient in ensuring on-target accuracy and repeatability for both bowhunters and 3D archers. It also means a quieter bow. The one-piece construction of the Razor Bakk Recurve means that there are no limb bolts or moving parts to add weight or noise. This is one quiet bow that is very easy to carry while still-hunting.

All high stress areas of both the Razor Bakk Recurve and Leading Edge Longbow, around the arrow shelf and at the flares, are treated with penetrating superglue to fill and seal microscopic voids and fissures. The more highly figured the wood, the greater the need to fill and seal the grain. Three coats of two-part epoxy are applied to all surfaces. To bring out the beauty of the wood, every bow is hand burnished with super fine steel wool after each coat. This ensures that these bows are completely weatherproof.

Antler or horn can also be used to build up the riser section of either the Leading Edge Longbow or Razor Bakk Recurve, or added to limb tips to further personalize your bow.

Customer Feedback

Harold Dootson, Ponoka, Alberta (, custom knife-maker, past bow maker, long time traditional archer writes;

“Hi Jerry: It's good to hear from you. Your bow was a hit at the Calgary shoot. It's not only beautiful, but it is fast. My knife-making partner who usually shoots a 70 pounder shot a few of his heavier arrows with it and he still was in the kill zone at 20 yards. You make a great bow aesthetically and functionally. You can put that quote and my name on your web-site…You have a remarkable talent, and I have been spreading the word of your great bows. You were smart enough to figure out the design of a great bow and you built a winner. Have a great summer, and keep in touch. Harold.”

Sean Schneider, Regina Saskatchewan, writes;

“Hi Jerry: The custom made longbow you created is a family heirloom and a practical, strong, and easy to shoot bow for me and my family. The 45# - 58" longbow with bocote riser and juniper limbs and ash cores is very detailed and easy for my wife and family to use. We have used it for target practice and everyone that tries it is surprised at it's strength and balance. It has remarkable detail on the finish with a custom inlay of my family name. Everyone that sees this bow, whether they are at the range or with me on the farm want to review the fine detail in your workmanship. It is a great bow and will be used by many in my family. I am looking forward to obtaining a larger bow that would increase my range. Your craftmanship is second to none, and I recommend your custom built bows to an avid bow hunter or a collector looking for a specialized piece for their collection. Congratulations on your improved website.”

Graham Dalziel, Editor-In-Chief, Edmonton Sun writes;

“Jerry, I’m particularly impressed with the quality of material and craftsmanship, as well as the smooth, flawless performance of your top-of-line custom bows. Both my Leading Edge Longbow and Razor Bakk Recurve are a joy to carry, handle, and use.”

Lt.Col. M.D. Bruce, Commander, Canadian Forces Base Suffield writes;

“I am a proud owner of a traditional bow made by Jerry and I must admit it is the finest weapon I have had the pleasure of firing. The craftsmanship and specifically made for me are truly noteworthy. I have had the opportunity now to test the bow in a number of scenarios the bow had come through with flying colours. A heck of a bow and a real joy to fire.”

The Razor Bakk Recurve

The Leading Edge Long Bow