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Leading Edge Long bow

Leading Edge longbow

The Leading Edge Longbow by Lynx Creek Archery combines a handle forward design and long riser section with radical reflex/deflex limbs. The resulting performance of this bow exhibits the best features of both design elements: the smooth, quiet, and shock-free characteristics of a handle forward bow with the speed of very slim deeply reflected limbs.

Every bow is hand built to meet each archer’s individual specifications. The trim cresent-shaped riser section features fibreglass that flows through both the back and front of the handle. This riser is then built-up with multiple laminations of exotic hardwoods and the handle is sculpted to meet individual needs and shooting styles. Phenollic is also lypically laminated within the handle to eliminate vibration. Antler or horn can also be added to create a truly one-of-a-kind custom bow.

This longbow is offered in a variety of domestic and exotic woods and in lengths from 56 to 64 inches. Weights range from 30 pounds to 80 pounds or more. The Leading Edge Longbow Brochure on this website provides more detailed information about this longbow.

The Leading Edge longbow is offered in two grades, Deluxe and Extra Finish, see the Price List for details and options. The Extra Finish Leading Edge Longbow is available to international customers, please view the Price List for details.

I would be pleased to assist you in identifying the best configuration of bow length and weight as well as the best combination of riser and limb materials to meet your archery requirements.

Cedar arrows matched to your custom bow are also available, see Price List