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The Razor Bakk Recurve

Razor Bakk Recurve

The Razor Bakk Recurve by Lynx Creek Archery takes the ageless Turkish recurve into the 21st Century using modern materials and techniques as well as up-to-date limb designs.

This compact 58 inch recurve bow features a radically deflexed riser which contributes significantly to increased arrow speed. The limb design ensures that this bow gains only about 2 pounds per inch through normal draw lengths. This smooth transmission of power results in consistent and predictable arrow flight, an essential ingredient for ensuring on-target accuracy and repeatability. It also means a quieter bow. In addition, the one piece construction ensures that this bow is both light weight and extremely quiet. This bow is fast, compact and quiet…the ideal companion afield.

The Razor Bakk Recurve riser is available in a variety of exotic woods while limbs woods can include either domestic or exotic varieties. Typically, the handle of this recurve is fashioned similar to that of a longbow, both in shape and in its alignement with the arrow shelf. However, there is plenty of material available in the riser to allow the grip to be sculpted for a truly custom fit. Whether your shooting style requires a high, medium or low wrist, this can be accommodated in the Razor Bakk Recurve. As well, antler or horn can be added to the riser for that individual touch. Review the Razor Bakk Recurve Brochure on this website and let me know if I can custom build a Razor Bakk Recurve for you.

The Razor Bakk Recurve is available in two grades, Deluxe and Extra Finish, see Price List for details and options. The Extra Finish Razor Bakk Recurve is available to International customers, please see Price List.

Cedar arrows matched to your custom bow are also available, see Price List.