About Lynx Creek Archery

  • Traditional archery longbows and recurves custom built to order.

  • African safaris in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Namibia and South Africa.


Lynx Creek Archery is located near Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada just east of Edmonton in Strathcona County. If you are in the vicinity, please let us know and drop by Lynx Creek Archery’s bow works. Living in the country, we have been able to set up a number of targets in natural settings where prospective clients can really try out Lynx Creek Archery’s custom bows.

Jerry Haley, Bowyer
Lynx Creek Archery


I have been shooting and building bows most of my life. Like many, I started with willow branches and string. Then I progressed to carving bows out of hickory hockey sticks and moved on to factory built longbows and then compounds before returning to traditional archery. I have been building traditional longbows and recurves on a custom order basis for a number of years often for repeat customers.

Products and Services

The Leading Edge Longbow by Lynx Creek Archery combines a handle forward design and long riser section with radical reflex/deflex limbs. The resulting performance of this bow exhibits the best features of both design elements: the smooth, quiet, and shock-free characteristics of a handle forward bow with the speed of very slim deeply reflected limbs. This longbow is offered in a variety of domestic and exotic woods and in lengths from 56 to 64 inches. The Leading Edge Longbow Brochure on this website provides detailed information about this bow. I would be pleased to assist you in identifying the best configuration of bow length and weight as well as the best combination of riser and limb materials to meet your archery requirements.

The Razor Bakk Recurve by Lynx Creek Archery takes the ageless Turkish recurve into the 21st Century using modern materials and techniques as well as up-to-date limb designs. This compact 58 inch recurve features a radically deflexed riser which contributes significantly to increased arrow speed. The one piece construction ensures that this bow is both light weight and extremely quiet. This bow is fast, compact and quiet…the ideal companion afield. Please review the Razor Bakk Recurve Brochure on this website and let me know if I can custom build a Razor Bakk Recurve for you.

Cedar arrows matched to your custom bow are also available. See the price list for details.

As an added service to clients, I am currently representing a select number of African Safari Operators; Erick Teicher at Y Safaris in Burkina Faso, Guy Betaille at Wild Kingdom Safaris in Northern Cameroon, Friedl Lax at Friedl’s Jagdsafaris in Namibia, and Franco Giulietti at FG Safaris in South Africa. Please take a look at this section of the website for more information. Perhaps I can help you plan your next adventure to the dark continent.