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Burkina Faso

Photo above features a roan antelope taken in our concession in Burkina Faso


Operating out of Burkina Faso, in French West Africa, our outfitter offers one of the most affordable lion hunting opportunities on the dark continent. In addition to lion, the outfitter also offers a variety of hunts involving western savannah buffalo and plains game within his concession of some 150,000 acres. Trophy fees for western roan, for example, are again some of the lowest in Africa. Other species include western hartebeest, western cob, harnessed bushbuck and warthog, and smaller antelope such as oribi and duikers. Species unique to this region include sing sing waterbuck and nagor reedbuck.

This outfitter offers a full range of possible hunts. For example, an 8 day/6 hunt day one-on-one buffalo safari starts at about 4,530 Euros, plus trophy fees, etc.  The 14 day/12 hunt day one-on-one safari, allowing 4 animals, 2 of lion, roan or buffalo and 2 of sing sing waterbuck or western cob, harnessed bushbuck, etc. costs about 10,450 Euros plus trophy fees, etc. Hunt prices do include assistance with formalities at the airport, transportation to and from the airport, all hunt services and food and lodging while at the camp. They do not include air fair to and from Burkina Faso, accommodation or meals outside of the hunt camp, airport rifle clearance at 70 Euros, the tourist tax of about 3 Euros per day, license fees, trophy fees or insurance. 

Professional Hunter Erick Teicher with pending SCI No.1 nagor reedbuck and pending No.1 harnessed bushbuck recently taken within our concession in Burkina Faso.

The big game license in Burkina Faso is about 380 Euros and trophy fees range from 1,375 Euros for lion, to 430 Euros for buffalo, 460 Euros for roan and 365 Euros for waterbuck down to 50 Euros for an oribi. Please contact us for the latest prices and a complete list of trophy fees. The hunting season runs from December to April.

Our outfitter can also organize dangerous game hunts for elephant, Cape buffalo, and lion in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania as required and in the fall in France, he can also arrange hunts for those seeking European game, such as chamois in the French Alps, see photo below.