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Close to the heart of Africa, in Northern Cameroon, our outfitter offers hunts for the much sought after Lord Derby eland as well as lion, elephant, western savannah buffalo, and hippopotamus on a concession that totals about a quarter of a million acres. Plains game such as roan, defassa waterbuck, western hartebeest, western cob, harnessed bushbuck, oribi, duikers and warthog are also available. Unique offerings include hunting lion by “calling” them into the hunter, “very exciting”, and sport fishing for Nile perch in the Faro River just in front of the main camp.  

A 10 day/8 hunt day two-on-one safari is available for buffalo or roan plus 4 plains game at 6,080 Euros, plus licenses and trophy fees, etc. The Giant eland hunt totals 13 days/11 hunt days, one-on-one, and costs about 20,550 Euros plus license and trophy fees, etc.

Prices include assistance at the airport, transportation to and from the airport, all hunt services and food and lodging at the hunt camp, as well as trophy preparation. Prices do not include air travel to and from Cameroon, food and lodging outside the hunt camp, hunting licenses, trophy fees, insurance, the government arms import fee and the village improvement tax of 15 percent on trophy fees, etc.

The hunting license in Cameroon is about 1,000 Euros while trophy fees range from 3,000 Euros for lion, 2,600 Euros for elephant or Lord Derby Eland, to 1,000 Euros for roan, buffalo, or hippopotamus, 600 Euros for bushbuck and waterbuck, and 400 Euros for western cob. Contact us for the latest prices and costs. The hunting season runs from January to April.