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Lynx Creek Archery, as an added service to clients, is now representing a number of Safari operators in Africa as well as outfitters here in Canada. These outfitters offer unique and exciting hunting, sport fishing, and photographic excursions of interest to those embarking on that first “trip of a lifetime” as well as seasoned veterans looking for a special trophy or challenging experience.

There is a wealth of information on outfitters and their services available through the Internet. At the same time, the travel rules and regulations imposed by individual governments, airport authorities, and air carriers seem to be in a constant state of flux. Sometimes its difficult to even know what questions to ask.  Lynx Creek Archery can help you through this information and regulatory maze, forewarn you of potential obstacles, and identify questions requiring resolution, making your trip that much more trouble free and enjoyable.  And this service is basically free to you. Typically, outfitters already include the cost of this or similar marketing services in their rates.

Consult the CIA World Fact Book at CIA Website and click on the relevant country page to view maps and obtain updated political, economic, and social information on each of the countries below.

Our outfitters are well established and well known in their various fields. We intend to visit each for a personal evaluation. In the meantime, in those cases where we have not yet utilized their services directly, we have checked references and vetted them with knowledgeable colleagues.

The following is a quick summary of some of the adventures available. Please contact us with your unique requirements so we can help custom tailor a trip that meets your expectations.